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Enlighten Rx Depigmentation

Enlighten Rx Depigmentation


Targeted treatment for: Hyperpigmentation, melasma, dark spots, blotchy or scarred skin, dull skin and large pores.


Enlighten™ is the newest skin lightening system on the market to include an intensive mask treatment and a 28 day home care regimen to work against skin blemishes and discoloration. 


***Please note, this purchase can only be fulfilled after a consultation with a member of our staff, either in-person or virtual***

Enlighten™ is enhanced by multiple high potency skin exfoliating and lightening agents. It stimulates cell turnover and exfoliates the upper surface of the skin to lift existing pigmentation, while the lightening agents inhibit discolored pigmentation at the dermal level to equalize the skin tone. 


  • STEP 1: Intensive exfoliating and lighten mask to peel of existing pigmentation.
  • STEP 2: Continued depigmentation & skin lightening system for 28 days with all-inclusive post care healing regimen.


 It is noninvasive and painless with limited downtime.  Enlighten™ is designed for all skin types and especially great for darker skin types at higher risk of hyperpigmentation from Laser, IPL or traditional deep chemical peels.  

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