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Hottest Celebrity Skin Treatment

1-Anti-Aging IV Treatments

When you need to shine at a party (or recover from one), You need to visit Glowing Skin MedSpa for and Hydra-Oxygen Facial and Visit The Best Program for an-Infusion Facial. While an aesthetician tends to the skin, a registered nurse or a doctor starts an IV filled with vitamins C and B, calcium gluconate, and magnesium chloride—a modified version of a vitamin mixture that has been studied for its effect on chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia. Patients get an energy boost and "a nice glow, probably related to vasodilation.

You will notice your  skin glow for when amino acids are added to a basic vitamin drip. "The aminos act as a vasodilator, increasing blood flow to the skin. IV treatments should only be given in reputable medical facilities, where "the risk of intravenous infection is impossibly low in the hands of skilled practitioners, and the dosage is safe.

2-Instant Tightening

isn't all. If you need a lift, we performs Power Facials: an exfoliating retinoid peel, Intense Pulsed Light (which targets brown spots and broken capillaries), microdermabrasion with an infusion of the antioxidants vitamin C and niacinamide, and, finally, radio frequency to firm the face and neck.

"Skin tightening is huge in Hollywood. "I've done several actresses' eyelids and brows right before red-carpet events because instantly, the skin looks incredibly taut, and there's no downtime. We use the Pellevé radio frequency device, which doesn't require anesthesia ( the sensation is like and hot-stone massage). Results are most visible in the 48 hours after treatment. For an effect that lasts about a year, four to five monthly treatments are needed.

3-Electric Facials

There's a reason stars on the red carpet glow like someone has plugged them in. The self-dubbed "electrical aesthetician" uses different types of current to boost radiance, enhance lymphatic drainage, kill acne bacteria, wipe out dark circles, and even spark cellular repair. While microcurrent has been popular with aestheticians for years, the even-lower-frequency nanocurrent, Simon's specialty, is now gaining momentum. "My goal is to replicate the signal that the brain produces in deep delta sleep—a frequency that initiates repair," she explains.

Following a microcurrent facial, energy slowly builds in the skin, peaking three days later. "So I'll treat stars two days before any event. At this point, there's little clinical data on microcurrent effect on healthy human skin. "Delta waves are restorative inside the brain, but there's no evidence that using nanocurrent on the skin would replicate them. That said, anytime you use electrical stimulation during a facial, you prompt an exchange of ions and rev up the metabolism, increasing the energy of the cells. And the more you do it, the longer-lasting the results." In my own experience, I have seen a cumulative effect with microcurrent and it doesn't inflame skin.

4-Body-Fat Tightening

Before stars take it all off for the camera, they go to their favorite Skin Care Specialists. "We'll essentially redo the entire surface of their body. At Glowing Skin Med Spa we start with radio frequency, namely Venus Legacy, to tighten loose skin right away. Also in demand is Venus Viva. "

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